Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 9 - Issue 4 Articles

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McKibben, G. H. and W. H. Cross. 1984 Use of pheromone traps to estimate probability of zero populations of boll weevils. 9 4 371-374 PDF
Cocke, J., Jr., J. W. Worthington, M. K. Harris, and T. A. Lee. 1984 The effects of EDB fumigation and shanking on adult pecan weevil emergence in native Texas pecans under drought conditions. 9 4 375-381 PDF
Scholl, P. J. 1984 Comparison of physiological development of marked-recaptured populations and laboratory cohorts of stable flies, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.). 9 4 382-387 PDF
Bridges, A. C., J. W. Summerlin, and G. E. Spates. 1984 A new and more economical base medium for rearing larvae of the stable fly, horn fly, and housefly. 9 4 388-390 PDF
Lakin, K. R., C. G. Jackson, and H. M. Graham. 1984 Field and laboratory studies on parasitism of Nabis spp. by the wasp, Polynema boreum. 9 4 391-396 PDF
Howell, H. N., Jr. 1984 New state record for Pterotermes occidentis (Walker). 9 4 397-398 PDF
Spates, G. E. and R. L. Harris. 1984 Reduction of fecundity, egg hatch, and survival in adult horn flies fed protease inhibitors. 9 4 399-403 PDF
Liao, H. T., M. K. Harris, F. E. Gilstrap, D. A. Dean, C. W. Agnew, G. J. Michels, and F. Mansour. 1984 Natural enemies and other factors affecting seasonal abundance of the blackmargined aphid on pecan. 9 4 404-420 PDF
Reid, W., R. L. Dinkins, and M. K. Harris. 1984 Predicting the development of the pecan nut casebearer in S.E. Kansas. 9 4 421-426 PDF
Walker, J. K., R. D. Parker, A. A. Armstrong, G. A. Niles, and J. R. Mulkey. 1984 Management of the boll weevil in cotton of the winter garden of Texas based on early-season control. 9 4 427-442 PDF
Walker, J. K. 1984 The boll weevil in Texas and the cultural strategy. 9 4 444-463 PDF
Anonymous. 1984 Author and subject index to volume 9 and SUPement number 6. 9 4 464-466 PDF
Anonymous. 1984 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 9 4 467 PDF