Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 9 - Issue 3 Articles

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Slosser, J. E., J. R. Price, and P. J. Jacoby. 1984 Effect of two shinnery oak habitats on winter survival and on spring and early summer emergence of the boll weevil. 9 3 240-244 PDF
Segers, J. C., J. H. Benedict, and M. F. Treacy. 1984 Natural parasitism of Heliothis spp. eggs on cotton and corn in the lower Gulf Coast of Texas. 9 3 245-248 PDF
Graham, H. M., C. G. Jackson, and K. R. Lakin. 1984 Comparison of two methods of using the D-VAC to sample Mymarids and their hosts in alfalfa. 9 3 249-252 PDF
Bariola, L. A. 1984 Longevity and reproduction of overwintered boll weevils on cotton and alternate hosts. 9 3 253-256 PDF
Harris, R. L., R. D. Petersen III, M. E. Vazquez-Guevara, and O. H. Graham. 1984 Gelled media for the production of screwworm larvae. 9 3 257-262 PDF
Haynes, J. W. and J. E. Wright. 1984 Competitiveness of diflubenzuron + irradiation treated vs. untreated boll weevils in alternate mating sequences. 9 3 263-266 PDF
Aguilar, S. and S. Solis. 1984 Herd hierarchial status and the number of Boophilus microplus ticks on cattle in the central high plain area of Mexico. 9 3 267-272 PDF
Campbell, J. B., D. J. Boxler, D. M. Danielson, and M. A. Cranshaw. 1984 Effects of house and stable flies on weight gain and feed efficiency by feeder pigs. 9 3 273-274 PDF
Miller, J. A., D. B. Thomas, A. J. Siebenaler, and J. J. Matter. 1984 Estimating numbers of horn fly eggs in bovine dung. 9 3 275-278 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. and G. J. Wibmer. 1984 An annotated bibliography of keys to Latin American weevils, Curculionidae sensu lato (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) (SUPement I). 9 3 279-285 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. and G. J. Wibmer. 1984 Annotated checklist of the weevils (Curculionidae Sensu lato) of North America, Central America, and the West Indies - SUPement I. 9 3 286-307 PDF
Whitworth, R. J., F. L. Poston, S. M. Welch, and D. Calvin. 1984 Quantification of southwestern corn borer feeding and its impact on corn yield. 9 3 308-318 PDF
Williams, D. C., C. L. Meek, and V. L. Wright. 1984 Comparison of mosquito oviposition in a fallow rice field and a permanent pasture in south Louisiana. 9 3 319-325 PDF
Earl, S. L. and H. M. Graham. 1984 Interactions between Chelonus insularis Cresson and Telenomus remus Nixon, parasitoids of Spodoptera exigua (Hubner). 9 3 326-333 PDF
Chandler, L. D. 1984 Seasonal population fluctuations of Liriomyza sativae Blanchard in bell pepper. 9 3 334-340 PDF
Bariola, L. A., T. J. Henneberry, C. F. Ehlig, and C. M. Brown. 1984 Pink bollworm: reducing populations of diapausing larvae with insecticides. 9 3 341-345 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. 1984 Paralicus minyops O'Brien, new genus and new species of Cossoninae from Florida and the Bahama Islands (Curculionidae: Coleoptera). 9 3 346-349 PDF
Knipling, E. F. and W. Klassen. 1984 Influence of insecticide use patterns on the development of resistance to insecticides - a theoretical study. 9 3 351-368 PDF
McGovern, W. L., G. H. McKibben, J. W. Smith, P. R. Miller, W. L. Johnson, and F. J. Benci. 1984 William Henry Cross, 1928-1984. 9 3 369-370 PDF