Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 9 - Issue 2 Articles

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Mitchell, P. L., R. Olszak, M. B. Stoetzel, and M. K. Harris. 1984 Fauna associated with galls of Phylloxera spp. on pecan. 9 2 117-124 PDF
Pickett, C. H. and F. E. Gilstrap. 1984 Phytoseiidae (Acarina) associated with banks grass mite infestations in Texas. 9 2 125-133 PDF
Robacker, D. C. and W. G. Hart. 1984 A bioassay for investigation of sex pheromones of fruit flies. 9 2 134-137 PDF
Chandler, L. D. 1984 Further documentation of the effects of honey bees on cantaloup in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. 9 2 138-144 PDF
Drummond, R. O. and T. M. Whetstone. 1984 Effect of the presence of males on engorgement and reproduction in female lone star ticks. 9 2 145-150 PDF
Norman, J. O., J. M. Thompson, G. E. Spates, and S. M. Meola. 1984 Identification and ultrastructure of bacteria found in the midgut of the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.). 9 2 151-157 PDF
Fleetwood, S. C., P. D. Teel, and G. Thompson. 1984 Impact of imported fire ant on Lone Star tick mortality in open and canopied pasture habitats of east central Texas. 9 2 158-163 PDF
Phillips, S. A., Jr., D. M. Claborn, and O. F. Francke. 1984 Comparison of aerial application and single-mound drenches of fenvalerate against the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren, in Texas. 9 2 164-168 PDF
Harris, R. L. and J. W. Summerlin. 1984 Parasites of horn fly pupae in east central Texas. 9 2 169-173 PDF
Schmidt, J. O. 1984 Influence of fire ants on horn flies and other dung-breeding Diptera in Bexar County, Texas. 9 2 174-177 PDF
Cohen, A. C., S. L. Earl, and H. M. Graham. 1984 Rates of water loss and desiccation tolerance in four species of Lygus. 9 2 178-183 PDF
Rodriguez-del-Bosque, L. A. 1984 Oviposicion de Phyllophaga crinita Burmeister, sobre diferentes cultivos en el norte de Tamaulipas, Mexico. 9 2 184-186 PDF
Wilborn, J. and J. Ellington. 1984 The effect of temperature and photoperiod on the colorization of the Lygus hesperus, desertinus and lineolaris. 9 2 187-197 PDF
Baldwin, J. L., J. K. Walker, J. H. Benedict, A. A. Armstrong, and G. A. Niles. 1984 Cotton boll diameter as an indicator of age. 9 2 198-211 PDF
Kinzer, H. G., W. E. Houghton, J. M. Reeves, S. E. Kunz, J. D. Wallace, and N. S. Urquhart. 1984 Influence of horn flies on weight loss in cattle with notes on prevention of loss by insecticide treatment. 9 2 212-217 PDF
Pimprikar, C. D., J. E. Fondren, Jr., D. S. Greer, and J. R. Heitz. 1984 Toxicity of Xanthene dyes to larvae of Culex pipiens L. and Aedes triseriatus S. and predatory fish, Gambusia affinis. 9 2 218-222 PDF
Adler, V. E., E. C. Uebel, and M. Schwarz. 1984 Production of (z)- 9 -tricosene by colonized and feral female house flies. 9 2 223-226 PDF
Atim, A. B. and H. M. Graham. 1984 Predation of Geocoris punctipes by Nabis alternatus. 9 2 227-231 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. 1984 Revision of the Neotropical weevil genus Philonis (Cryptorhynchinae: Curculionidae: Coleoptera). 9 2 232-239 PDF