Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 8 - Issue 4 Articles

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Morrison, R. K., W. C. Nettles, Jr., D. Hall, and S. B. Vinson. 1983 Successful oviposition by Trichogramma pretiosum through a synthetic membrane. 8 4 248-251 PDF
Guerra, A. A. 1983 Daily attractive response patterns of boll weevils to grandlure traps in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. 8 4 252-258 PDF
Rice, M. E. 1983 Red oak borer infestations in a nursery planting of live oak. 8 4 259-262 PDF
Sickerman, S. L. and J. W. Wangberg. 1983 Behavioral responses of the cactus bug, Chelinidea vittiger Uhler, to fire damaged host plants. 8 4 263-267 PDF
Puterka, G. J. and J. E. Slosser. 1983 Inducing oviparae and males of biotype C greenbugs, Schizaphis graminum (Rond.). 8 4 268-272 PDF
Williams, D. C., C. L. Meek, and V. L. Wright. 1983 Abundance of mosquito eggs in a permanent pasture and effects of cattle movement and hoofprint density on egg distribution. 8 4 273-278 PDF
Gillaspy, J. E. 1983 New taxa of Bembicine Sphecidae (Hymenoptera). 8 4 279-291 PDF
Murillo, R. M., J. G. Palacios, J. M. Labougle, E. M. Hentschel, J. E. Llorente, K. Luna, P. Rojas, and S. Zamudio. 1983 Variacion estacional de la entomofauna asociada a Tillandsia spp. en una zona de transicion biotica. 8 4 292-302 PDF
Parencia, C. R., Jr. and C. Lincoln. 1983 Annual conference on cotton insect research and control, 1947-1982. 8 4 303-314 PDF
Cole, C. L. and P. L. Adkisson. 1983 The occurrence of diapause in a high plains and central Texas strain of the boll weevil. 8 4 315-319 PDF
Anonymous. 1983 Author and subject index to volume 8. 8 4 320-321 PDF
Anonymous. 1983 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 8 4 322 PDF