Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 8 - Issue 3 Articles

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Williams, W. P. and F. M. Davis. 1983 Resistant and susceptible corn genotypes: response to varying levels of southwestern corn borer infestation at anthesis. 8 3 145-149 PDF
Mitchell, P. L. and F. L. Mitchell. 1983 Range expansion of Leptoglossus fulvicornis with observations on egg parasitism. 8 3 150-153 PDF
Tepedino, V. J. and F. D. Parker. 1983 Nest size, mortality, and sex ratio in Osmia marginata Michener. 8 3 154-167 PDF
Davey, R. B., E. H. Ahrens, and J. R. Pemberton. 1983 Residual effectiveness of flowable coumaphos on cattle against Boophilus annulatus larvae. 8 3 168-173 PDF
Stoner, A., W. T. Wilson, and J. Harvey. 1983 Dimethoate (Cygon®): effect of long-term feeding of low doses on honey bees in standard-size field colonies. 8 3 174-177 PDF
Spates, G. E. 1983 Midgut proteolytic and hemolytic activities and feeding habits of young adult stable flies Stomoxys calcitrans (L.). 8 3 178-185 PDF
Way, M. O., F. T. Turner, and J. K. Clark. 1983 The rice leaf miner, Hydrellia griseola (Fallen), a potential pest of rice in Texas. 8 3 186-189 PDF
Graham, H. M. and R. L. Carranza. 1983 Mesoscutal markings of Lygus desertinus Knight as affected by temperature. 8 3 190-193 PDF
O'Brien, M. F. 1983 Observations on the nesting behavior of Podalonia argentifrons. 8 3 194-197 PDF
Byrne, D. N. and E. H. Carpenter. 1983 Behavior of metropolitan and non-metropolitan residents relative to urban pest control strategies. 8 3 198-204 PDF
Rhodes, H. A., A. Stoner, and W. T. Wilson. 1983 Honey bee management near a sunflower field sprayed with methyl parathion in central Wyoming. 8 3 205-209 PDF
Atim, A. B. and H. M. Graham. 1983 Parasites of Geocoris spp. near Tucson, Arizona. 8 3 210-215 PDF
Richard, R. D. and E. H. Ahrens. 1983 New distribution record for the recently introduced blow fly Chrysomya rufifacies (MacQuart) in North America. 8 3 216-218 PDF
Petersen, J. J. and J. A. Meyer. 1983 Observations on the overwintering pupal parasites of filth flies associated with open silage in eastern Nebraska. 8 3 219-225 PDF
Meola, R., H. Kaska, R. Gray, and J. Loehr. 1983 Physiological changes associated with stemmatal pigment retraction in pupae of Heliothis zea. 8 3 226-230 PDF
Harris, M. K. 1983 Outbreak biology of walnut caterpillar in Texas. 8 3 231-240 PDF
Holscher, K. H. and R. W. Barker. 1983 Effect of carbon dioxide on the molting activity of two tick species in the laboratory. 8 3 241-247 PDF