Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 8 - Issue 2 Articles

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Morrison, W. P. and F. W. Dunkel. 1983 Cynaeus angustus (LeConte) as a nuisance pest associated with cotton gin waste. 8 2 90-93 PDF
Parrot, W. L., J. C . McCarty, Jr., H. C. Lane, J. N. Jenkins, and P. A. Hedin. 1983 Effect of methomyl on the concentration of Anthocyanin, tannin, and chlorophyll in cotton leaves. 8 2 94-97 PDF
Cogburn, R. R. and K. W. Vick. 1983 Agrotis ipsilon males captured in traps baited with the synthetic sex pheromone of Sitotroga cerealella. 8 2 98-100 PDF
Rummel, D. R. and S. C. Carroll. 1983 Winter survival and effective emergence of boll weevil cohorts entering winter habitat at different times. 8 2 101-106 PDF
Teague, T. G., J. R. Cate, and F. W. Plapp, Jr. 1983 Toxicity of azinphosmethyl and methyl parathion to three populations of boll weevil. 8 2 107-112 PDF
Moffett, J. O., J. Harvey, and A. Stoner. 1983 Toxicity to honey bees of two formulations of methyl parathion sprayed on flowering alfalfa. 8 2 113-117 PDF
Bartlett, A. C., W. C. Randall, and J. E. May. 1983 Allozyme variation among populations of boll weevils in Arizona and Mexico. 8 2 118-130 PDF
Anderson, R. A. and M. F. Schuster. 1983 Phenology of the tarnished plant bug on natural host plants in relation to populations in cotton. 8 2 131-136 PDF
Davis, H. G., L. M. McDonough, and G. Richardson. 1983 Sex attractant of the filbertworm moth: tests in pomegranate orchards. 8 2 137-139 PDF
Flint, H. M. and J. R. Merkle. 1983 Methods for efficient use of the delta trap in the capture of pink bollworm moths. 8 2 140-144 PDF