Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 8 - Issue 1 Articles

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Koch, H. G. 1983 Lone star ticks: oviposition, egg hatch, and molting under naturally fluctuating ambient temperatures and humidities in the field. 8 1 1-5 PDF
Bridges, A. C. and G. E. Spates. 1983 Larval medium of the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.). 8 1 6-10 PDF
Kinzer, H. G., E. Jacquez, and J. M. Reeves. 1983 Effect of sunshine and self-licking on the residual toxicity of Ectiban® applied to cattle for horn fly control. 8 1 11-15 PDF
Goodenough, J. L., H. E. Brown, L. E. Wendel, and F. H. Tannahill. 1983 Screwworm eradication program: a review of recent mass-rearing technology. 8 1 16-31 PDF
Francke, O. F., J. C. Cokendolpher, A. H. Horton, S. A. Phillips, Jr., and L. R. Potts. 1983 Distribution of fire ants in Texas. 8 1 32-41 PDF
Francke, O. F. 1983 Efficacy tests of single-mound treatments for control of red imported fire ants, Solenopsis invicta Buren. 8 1 42-45 PDF
Bull, D. L. and V. S. House. 1983 Effects of different insecticides of parasitism of host eggs by Trichogramma pretiosum Riley. 8 1 46-53 PDF
Archer, T. L., C. S. Manthe, C. R. Rogers, and E. D. Bynum, Jr. 1983 Evaluation of several insecticides for control of the sunflower moth. 8 1 54-56 PDF
Cohen, C. F., J. A. Svoboda, and M. J. Thompson. 1983 Comparative effects of certain inhibitors of steroid metabolism and development in two species of Lepidoptera. 8 1 57-60 PDF
Cohen, A. C. and J. W. Debolt. 1983 Rearing Geocoris punctipes on insect eggs. 8 1 61-64 PDF
Cuda, J. P. and H. R. Burke. 1983 Trichobaris bridwelli, a new host for Bracon mellitor. 8 1 65-66 PDF
Hamilton, R. W. 1983 A new subgenus of Auletobius Desbrochers. 8 1 67-72 PDF
Bueno, R., Jr. and J. D. Stone. 1983 Phenology of a parasite of the blackmargined aphid in west Texas. 8 1 73-79 PDF
Eger, J. E., Jr., W. L. Sterling, and A. W. Hartstack, Jr. 1983 Winter survival of the tobacco budworm and the bollworm in an insectary. 8 1 80-88 PDF
Anonymous. 1983 Announcement: Dr. D. R. Rummel is new editor. 8 1 89 PDF