Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 7 - Issue 3 Articles

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Meyer, J. A. and J. J. Petersen. 1982 Sampling stable fly and house fly pupal parasites on beef feedlots and dairies in eastern Nebraska. 7 3 119-124 PDF
Fincher, G. T. and O. G. Marti. 1982 Onthophagus gazella as an intermediate host for Spiruroids in Georgia and Texas. 7 3 125-129 PDF
Miller, R. W. 1982 Bay Vi 7422 tested in cattle and poultry as a feed-through compound against flies. 7 3 130-134 PDF
Mirenda, J. T. and S. B. Vinson. 1982 Single and multiple queen colonies of imported fire ants in Texas. 7 3 135-141 PDF
Bariola, L. A. and D. Bergman. 1982 Toxicity of selected insecticides to boll weevils in Arizona. 7 3 142-145 PDF
Harris, M. K., R. C. Maggio, W. B. Hart, S. J. Ingle, and M. R. Davis. 1982 Use of remote sensing to characterize defoliation of pecans by the walnut caterpillar. 7 3 146-154 PDF
Griffin, J. G. 1982 Recycled brine used for egg harvesting in boll weevil production. 7 3 155-158 PDF
Knutson, A. E., G. B. Cronholm, and W. P. Morrison. 1982 Seasonal occurrence of southwestern corn borer adults in the Texas high plains. 7 3 159-165 PDF
Chedester, L. D. and G. J. Michels, Jr. 1982 An evaluation of greenbug resistance in oats. 7 3 166-169 PDF
Chandler, L. D. and M. D. Heilman. 1982 Hymenoptera associated with sunflower in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas with notes on relative abundance, visitation times, and foraging. 7 3 170-173 PDF
Hicks, R. R., Jr. and G. N. Mason. 1982 Southern pine beetle hazard rating works in east Texas. 7 3 174-180 PDF