Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 7 - Issue 2 Articles

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Rothrock, M. A. and W. L. Sterling. 1982 Sequential sampling for arthropods of cotton: its advantages over point sampling. 7 2 70-81 PDF
Summerlin, J. W., D. E. Bay, and R. L. Harris. 1982 Seasonal distribution and abundance of Histeridae collected from cattle droppings in south central Texas. 7 2 82-86 PDF
Lopez, J. D., Jr., S. L. Jones, and V. S. House. 1982 Species of Trichogramma parasitizing eggs of Heliothis spp. and some associated lepidopterous pests in central Texas. 7 2 87-93 PDF
Chandler, L. D. 1982 Parasitization of cantaloup infesting agromyzid leafminers in the lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. 7 2 94-97 PDF
Rhode, R. H. and M. Sanchez. 1982 Field evaluation of McPhail and gallon plastic tub traps against the Mexican fruit fly. 7 2 98-100 PDF
Wolfenbarger, D. A. and J. A. Harding. 1982 Toxicity of encapsulated formulations of methyl parathion to the tobacco budworm. 7 2 101-104 PDF
Graham, H. M., C. C. Jackson, and G. D. Butler, Jr. 1982 Composition of the Lygus complex in some crop and weed habitats of Arizona. 7 2 105-110 PDF
Moffett, J. O., A. Stoner, and R. M. Ahring. 1982 Effect of fenvalerate applications on honey bees in flowering alfalfa. 7 2 111-115 PDF
Lancaster, J. L., Jr., R. L. Kilgore, and J. S. Simco. 1982 Efficacy of low level daily doses of ivermectin in calves against three species of ticks. 7 2 116-118 PDF