Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 7 - Issue 1 Articles

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Burton, R. L., K. J. Starks, and J. A. Webster. 1982 Corn, sorghum, and millet as hosts for the southwestern corn borer. 7 1 1-3 PDF
Puterka, G. J., J. E. Slosser, and E. C. Gilmore. 1982 Biotype C and E greenbugs: distribution in the Texas rolling plains and damage to four small grain varieties. 7 1 4-8 PDF
Dickens, J. C., E. Solis, and W. G. Hart. 1982 Sexual development and mating behavior of the Mexican fruit fly, Anastrepha ludens (Loew). 7 1 9-15 PDF
Tepedino, V. J. 1982 Flower visitation and pollen collection records for bees of high altitude shortgrass prairie in southeastern Wyoming. 7 1 16-25 PDF
Roth, J. P. 1982 Predation on the horn fly, Haematobia irritans (L.), by three Philonthus species. 7 1 26-30 PDF
Kunz, S. E. 1982 Ovarian development in the stable fly, Stomoxys calcitrans (L.). 7 1 31-35 PDF
Howell, H. N., Jr. and T. A. Granovsky. 1982 An infrared viewing system for studying nocturnal insect behavior. 7 1 36-38 PDF
Rothrock, M. A. and W. L. Sterling. 1982 A comparison of three sequential sampling packages for arthropods in cotton. 7 1 39-49 PDF
Cole, C. L. and P. L. Adkisson. 1982 Effects of constant and variable temperature regimens on the survival and rate of increase of the boll weevil. 7 1 50-55 PDF
Haynes, J. W. and J. E. Wright. 1982 Sterilization of boll weevils with combined chemosterilant and irradiation treatments. 7 1 56-59 PDF
Graham, H. M.  1982 Interbreeding of Lygus elisus Van Duzee and L. desertinus Knight in the field. 7 1 60-64 PDF
Henneberry, T. J., D. L. Kittock, and L. A. Bariola. 1982 Pink bollworm: effect of cotton types and planting date on early season infestations. 7 1 65-69 PDF
Anonymous. 1982 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 7 1 69i PDF
Anonymous. 1982 Notice to members. 7 1 69ii PDF