Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 6 - Issue 2 Articles

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Turnbow, R. H., Jr., and J. E. Wappes. 1981 New host and distributional records for Texas Cerambycidae (Coleoptera). 6 2 75-80 PDF
Davis, S. G. and D. P. Sanders. 1981 Seasonal and geographical distribution of Tabanus abactor Philip in the Texas rolling plains. 6 2 81-86 PDF
Palacios-Vargas, J. G. 1981 Collembola asociados a Tillandsia (Bromeliaceae) en el derrame lavico del Chichinautzin, Morelos, Mexico. 6 2 87-98 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. 1981 Leptopinara papillata, new genus and new species of Leptopiinae (Curculionidae: Coleoptera). 6 2 99-101 PDF
McDaniel, S. G., W. L. Sterling, and D. A. Dean. 1981 Predators of tobacco budworm larvae in Texas cotton. 6 2 102-108 PDF
Cohen, A. C. 1981 An artificial diet for Geocoris punctipes (Say). 6 2 109-113 PDF
Merkle, J. R. and H. M. Flint. 1981 Responses of male pink bollworms to various mixtures of the z,z- and z,e-isomers of gossyplure in gossyplure treated fields. 6 2 114-116 PDF
Lopez, J. D., Jr., T. N. Shaver, and A. W. Hartstack. 1981 Evaluation of dispensers for the pheromone of Heliothis zea. 6 2 117-122 PDF
DeLoach, J. R., S. M. Meola, and R. T. Mayer. 1981 Effect of diflubenzuron on thymidine incorporation in Stomoxys calcitrans pupae. 6 2 123-125 PDF
Harding, J. A. 1981 Influence of early applications of pesticides on outbreaks of tobacco budworms in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. 6 2 126-129 PDF
Perring, T. M., T. L. Archer, E. D. Bynum, Jr., and K. A. Hollingsworth. 1981 Chemical evaluation for control of the banks grass mite, Oligonychus pratensis (Banks), on field corn. 6 2 130-135 PDF
Capehart, J. S., R. L. Harris, and D. E. Bay. 1981 The effect of host species on developmental time of Muscidifurax raptor and Spalangia drosophilae. 6 2 136-139 PDF
Koch, H. G. 1981 Cold storage of Lone Star tick engorged females and eggs. 6 2 140-143 PDF
Barrett, C. C. 1981 A new technique for collecting cattle grub larvae. 6 2 144-146 PDF
Kunz, S. E. 1981 Biological activity of Bay Sir 8514 against the stable fly in laboratory studies. 6 2 147-149 PDF
Harlan, D. P., W. A. Banks, H. L. Collins, and C. E. Stringer. 1981 Large area test of AC-217, 300 for control of imported fire ants in Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. 6 2 150-157 PDF
Banks, W. A., H. L. Collins, D. F. Williams, C. E. Stringer, C. S. Lofgren, D. P. Harlan, and C. L. Mangum. 1981 Field trials with AC-217, 300 a new amidinohydrazone bait toxicant for control of the red imported fire ant. 6 2 158-164 PDF
Harris, M. K., J. A. Jackson, and D. R. Ring. 1981 Calculating a static economic threshold and estimating economic losses for the pecan weevil. 6 2 165-173 PDF