Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 6 - Issue 1 Articles

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Rose, W. F., III, R. F. Billings, and J. P. Vite. 1981 Southern pine bark beetles: evaluation of non-sticky pheromone trap designs for survey and research. 6 1 1-9 PDF
Capinera, J. L., S. E. Naranjo, and A. R. Renaud. 1981 Alfalfa webworm: larval development in response to diet and temperature. 6 1 10-17 PDF
Capinera, J. L., A. R. Renaud, and S. E. Naranjo. 1981 Alfalfa webworm: foliage consumption and host preference. 6 1 18-22 PDF
Chandler, L. D. 1981 Evaluation of different shapes and color intensities of yellow traps for use in population monitoring of dipterous leaf miners. 6 1 23-27 PDF
Eger, J. E., Jr. and J. R. Ables. 1981 Parasitism of Pentatomidae by Tachinidae in South Carolina and Texas. 6 1 28-33 PDF
Hatchett, J. H., R. L. Burton, and K. J. Starks. 1981 Hessian fly: distribution and infestation of wheat in Oklahoma and north Texas. 6 1 34-37 PDF
Cogburn, R. R. 1981 Comparison of malathion and three candidate protectants against insect pests of stored rice and advantages of encapsulation. 6 1 38-43 PDF
Pape, D. J. and L. A. Crowder. 1981 Toxicity of methyl parathion and toxaphene to several insect predators in central Arizona. 6 1 44-48 PDF
Meyerdirk, D. E., J. V. French, L. D. Chandler, and W. G. Hart. 1981 Effect of commercially applied pesticides for control of the citrus mealybug. 6 1 49-52 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R. and P. A. March. 1981 A can-operated, electronic proportional-control system for laboratory simulation of outside summer temperatures. 6 1 53-56 PDF
Fisher, W. F. and F. C. Wright. 1981 Susceptibility of scabies-naïve Hereford and Brahman calves to Psoroptes ovis infestations. 6 1 57-61 PDF
Riner, J. C. and F. C. Wright. 1981 A thermal plate apparatus for collecting live psoroptic mites. 6 1 62-64 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R. and J. A. DeVaney. 1981 Instrumentation for measuring activity of mites and similar crawling insects, in vitro. 6 1 65-69 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R. and J. A. DeVaney. 1981 Relative activity responses of the northern fowl mite to five gaseous environments, in vitro. 6 1 70-74 PDF