Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 1 - Issue 4 Articles

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Zorka, T. J. and D. E. Bay. 1980 The courtship behavior of the horn fly. 5 4 196-201 PDF
Schmidt, C. D. and S. E. Kunz. 1980 Fenvalerate and stirofos ear tags for control of horn flies on range cattle. 5 4 202-206 PDF
Meyer, J. A., J. S. Simco, and J. L. Lancaster, Jr. 1980 Control of face fly larval development with ivermectin, MK-933. 5 4 207-209 PDF
Tannahill, F. H., J. W. Snow, and J. R. Coppedge. 1980 Exhaust fume anesthetizer for use with wind-oriented screwworm traps. 5 4 210-213 PDF
Koch, H. G. and J. C. Dunn. 1980 Ticks collected from small and medium-sized wildlife hosts in LeFlore County, Oklahoma. 5 4 214-221 PDF
Wright, F. C. 1980 Comparative efficacy of acaricides for control of Psoroptes ovis (Hering) and P. cuniculi (Delafond). 5 4 222-225 PDF
Wright, F. C., M. J. Thompson, J. C. Riner, and W. E. Robbins. 1980 The effectiveness of various secondary and tertiary amines for the control of Psoroptes. 5 4 226-230 PDF
Acciavatti, R. E. 1980 A review of Cicindela praetextata from the southwest United States (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae). 5 4 231-244 PDF
Nosky, J. B., J. A. Harding, and D. A. Wolfenbarger. 1980 Activity of certain o-ethyl s-propyl phosphorothioates and phosphorodithioates and oxime carbamates against organophosphorous resistant and susceptible strains of the tobacco budworm. 5 4 245-249 PDF
Henneberry, T. J., T. Clayton, and D. F. Keaveny. 1980 Effects of gamma radiation on mating, reproduction, and longevity of laboratory-reared pink bollworms and their F1 progeny crossed with moths of a laboratory-reared or native St. Croix strain. 5 4 250-256 PDF
Whittle, T. A. and R. L. Burton. 1980 Development of the southwestern corn borer on three artificial diets. 5 4 257-260 PDF
Ables, J. R., D. W. McCommas, Jr., S. L. Jones, and R. K. Morrison. 1980 Effect of cotton plant size, host egg location, and location of parasite release on parasitism by Trichogramma pretiosum. 5 4 261-264 PDF
Anonymous. 1980 Author index to volume 5. 5 4 265 PDF
Anonymous. 1980 Subject index to volume 5. 5 4 266 PDF
Anonymous. 1980 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 5 4 268 PDF