Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 5 - Issue 3 Articles

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Kaska, H. M., R. T. Mayer, B. A. Sowa, R. W. Meola, and D. L. Coppage. 1980 Chitin synthesis in Heliothis zea (Boddie) pupae and inhibition by chitin synthesis inhibitors. 5 3 139-143 PDF
Miller, R. W. and C. Corley. 1980 Feed-through efficacy of CGA-19255 and CGA-72662 against manure-breeding flies and other arthropods and residues in feces, eggs, and tissues of laying hens. 5 3 144-148 PDF
Mathieu, J. M. 1980 The ontogeny of blister beetles (Coleoptera: Meloidae).  IV.  Pyrota insulata LeConte. 5 3 149-152 PDF
Guerra, A. A., R. D. Garcia, and D. A. Wolfenbarger. 1980 Activity of three cyclohexadiene analogues against the boll weevil and tobacco budworm. 5 3 153-157 PDF
Parencia, C. R., Jr. 1980 First findings of cotton leafworm larvae in the United States, 1922-79. 5 3 158-161 PDF
Wolfenbarger, D. A. 1980 Toxicity of monocrotophos and certain related compounds to different strains and crosses of the tobacco budworm. 5 3 162-164 PDF
Griffin, J. G. and J. Roberson. 1980 New and improved techniques for mass rearing boll weevils. 5 3 165-168 PDF
Koch, H. G. and J. C. Dunn. 1980 Oviposition, egg hatch, and larval survival of Lone Star ticks held at different temperatures and humidities. 5 3 169-174 PDF
Spencer, J. P., C. J. Whitten, J. R. Coppedge, and J. W. Snow. 1980 Comparison of screwworm captures in liver- and swormlure-baited traps in a tropical area of southern Mexico. 5 3 175-178 PDF
Koch, H. G. and J. C. Dunn. 1980 Egg production efficiency of female Lone Star ticks of different engorgement weights. 5 3 179-182 PDF
Knapp, F. W. and F. Herald. 1980 Efficacy of permethrin ear tags against face flies and horn flies on pastured cattle. 5 3 183-186 PDF
Wright, F. C., H. R. Crookshank, and J. F. Cooper. 1980 Free amino acids in psoroptic mites. 5 3 187-190 PDF
Thompson, P. H., B. F. Hogan, and H. D. V. Petersen. 1980 Rearing of Texas Tabanidae (Diptera).  III.  Trapping, survivorship, and limited rearing of Hybomitra lasiophthalma (MacQuart). 5 3 191-195 PDF