Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 5 - Issue 2 Articles

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Capinera, J. L. 1980 Visual responses of some sugarbeet insects to sticky traps of various yellow orange hues positioned at two heights. 5 2 76-79 PDF
Kunz, S. E. 1980 Horn fly production as affected by seasonal changes in rangeland forage conditions. 5 2 80-83 PDF
Wright, J. E., J. R. McCoy, J. R. Dawson, J. Roberson, and P. P. Sikorowski. 1980 Boll weevil sterility: effects of different combinations of diflubenzuron, antibiotics, fumigation, and irradiation. 5 2 84-89 PDF
Triplehorn, C. A. 1980 Distribution of Lobometopon ovale (Casey) in Texas: a "lost" species rediscovered. 5 2 90-92 PDF
Wolfenbarger, D. A., H. D. V. Petersen, T. D. Dupnik, and J. A. Harding. 1980 Cotton: sample sizes required to estimate number of plants and fruiting forms by three systems of sampling. 5 2 93-98 PDF
Chandler, L. D., D. E. Meyerdirk, W. G. Hart, and R. G. Garcia. 1980 Laboratory studies of the development of the parasite Anagyrus pseudococci (Girault) on insect-reared Planococcus citri (Risso). 5 2 99-103 PDF
Harris, R. L., E. H. Ilcken, R. R. Blume, and D. D. Oehler. 1980 The effects of horn fly larvae and dung beetles on ammonia loss from bovine dung. 5 2 104-106 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R. and G. T. Fincher. 1980 Automatic trap for determining hourly flight activity of dung beetles. 5 2 107-111 PDF
Abdul-Matin, A. S. M., J. E. Wright, and T. B. Davich. 1980 Effect of low levels of gamma irradiation on longevity and sterility of the boll weevil. 5 2 112-117 PDF
Neel, W. W., P. A. Hedin, and T. L. Carpenter. 1980 Chemical constituents of pecan leaves as possible indicators of susceptibility to the blackmargined aphid. 5 2 118-124 PDF
Wolfenbarger, D. A. and J. A. Harding. 1980 Activity of certain alkyl and aryl phosphoramides against Heliothis spp. 5 2 125-127 PDF
Bynum, E. D., Jr., C. R. Ward, and T. L. Archer. 1980 Evaluation of three selected insecticides for control of the southwestern corn borer in field corn. 5 2 128-132 PDF
House, V. S., J. R. Ables, R. K. Morrison, and D. L. Bull. 1980 Effect of diflubenzuron formulations on the egg parasite Trichogramma pretiosum. 5 2 133-138 PDF