Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 32 - Issue 2 Articles

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Knutson, A. E. and G. Cronholm 2007 Economic injury levels for sorghum midge, Stenodiplosis sorghicola, and corn earworm, Helicoverpa zea, feeding on panicles of sorghum, Sorghum bicolor 32 2 75-86 PDF
Calixto, A. A., M. K. Harris, and A. Dean 2007 Sampling ants with pitfall traps using either propylene glycol or water as a preservative 32 2 87-92 PDF
Everitt, J. H., C. Yang, R. S. Fletcher, C. L. Deloach, and M. R. Davis 2007 Using remote sensing to assess biological control of saltcedar 32 2 93-104 PDF
Aguilar-Pérez, H., L. A. Rodrígues-del-Bosque, C. H. Aguuilar-Pérez, and N. Durán de la Peña 2007 Seasonal abundance of Xyleborus ferrugineus (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) on pecan trees in Northern Coahuila, México 32 2 105-110 PDF
Rao, A. and S. B. Vinson 2007 Interactions between Solenopsis invicta (Buren) and Monomorium minimum (Buckley) under varying distance and feeding status 32 2 111-126 PDF
Suh, C. P. -C. 2007 Head capsule widths of nymphal instars of the cotton fleahoppers 32 2 127-130 PDF
Castaño-Meneses, G. and M. Vásquez-Bolaños 2007 Intermorphic queen in the harvester ant Pogonomyrmex barbatus (F. Smith) (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Tonalá Jalisco, México 32 2 131-133 PDF