Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 31 - Issue 4 Articles

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Prasifka, J. R., D. V. Sumerford, R. L. Hellmich, L. C. Lewix, and D. D. Calvin 2006 Sampling European corn borer (Lepidoptera: Crambidae) larvae from seed corn drying bins for Bt resistance monitoring 31 4 269-280 PDF
Chen, T. Y., C. C. Chu, and T. J. Henneberry 2006 Frankliniella occidentalis colonization on okra- and normal-leaf cotton strains and cultivars 31 4 281-288 PDF
Behle, R. W., C. Garcia-Gutiérrez, P. Tamez-Guerra, M. R. McGuire, and M. A. Jackson 2006 Pathogenicity of blastospores and conidia of Paecilomyces fumosoroseus against larvae of the Mexican bean beetle, Epilachna varivestis Mulsant 31 4 289-296 PDF
Mitchell, F. L., K. Snowden, J. R. Fuxa, and S. B. Vinson 2006 Distribution of Thelohania solenopsae (Microsporida: Thelohaniidae) infecting red imported fire ant (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) in Texas 31 4 297-306 PDF
Martinez-Carrillo, J. L., R. Servin-Villegas, U. Nava-Camberos, E. Cortez-Mondaca, and J. L. Garcia-Hernández 2006 A five-year study of insecticide resistance in whitefly Bemisia argentifolii Bellows & Perring from the Yaqui Valley, México 31 4 307-320 PDF
Ree, B., A. Gomezplata, and M. Harris 2006 Perspective: producer adoption of pecan IPM in Texas 31 4 321-335 PDF