Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 30 - Issue 2 Articles

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Idol, G. B. and J. E. Slosser 2005 Spring emergence and development of the cotton fleahopper (Heteroptera: Miridae) in host plants of the Texas Rolling Plains 30 2 73-83 PDF
White, W. H., D. Adamski, J. Brown, T. E. Reagan, J. A. Villanueva-Jimenez, M. Mendez-Lopez, and M. O. Way 2005 Survey results for the sugarcane pest, Blastobasis graminea (Lepidoptera: Coleophoridae), in Texas and Louisiana in 2002 30 2 85-91 PDF
Roduner, M. A., P. G. Mulder, G. W. Cuperus, J. F. Stritzke, and M. E. Payton 2005 Plant growth parameters of musk thistle Carduus nutans and egg distribution patterns of Rhinocyllus conicus on their blooms 30 2 93-103 PDF
Bundy, C. S. and B. Lewis 2005 Impact of chlorpyrifos for pink bollworm control on secondary pests and beneficials 30 2 105-111 PDF
Giles, K. L., J. W. Dillwith, R. C. Berberet, and N. C. Elliott 2005 Survival, development, and growth of Coccinella septempunctata fed Schizaphis graminum from resistant and susceptible winter wheat 30 2 113-119 PDF
Mueller, S. C., C. G. Summers, and P. B. Goodell 2005 Composition of Lygus species found in selected agronomic crops and weeds in the San Joaquin Valley, California 30 2 121-127 PDF