Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 3 - Issue 2 Articles

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Wade, W. E. and J. M. Nelson. 1978 Further evidence for separation of the cryptic red wasps: Polistes carolina (Linne) and Polistes perplexus Cresson (Hymenoptera: Vespidae). 3 2 73-75 PDF
Guerra, A. A. and A. Garza. 1978 Algae, an economical protein source for insect diets. 3 2 76-79 PDF
Daniels, N. E. 1978 Banks grass mite and southwestern corn borer control in corn. 3 2 80-84 PDF
Rogers, C. E. and W. P. Morrison. 1978 Phyllophaga lanceolata: a new pest of sunflower in west Texas. 3 2 85-88 PDF
Billings, R. F. and C. A. Kibbe. 1978 Seasonal relationships between southern pine beetle brood development and loblolly pine foliage color in east Texas. 3 2 89-95 PDF
Drummond, R. O. and W. J. Gladney. 1978 Acaricides applied to cattle for control of the Lone Star tick. 3 2 96-105 PDF
Bynum, E. D., Jr., C. R. Ward, and D. L. Meeks. 1978 Hog louse, Haematopinus suis L., population growth and distribution on its host. 3 2 106-112 PDF
Blume, R. R. and A. Aga. 1978 Observations on ecological and phylogenetic relationships of Phanaeus difformis LeConte and Phanaeus vindex MacLeay (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) in North America. 3 2 113-120 PDF
Reeve, R. J. and J. V. French. 1978 Laboratory toxicity of pesticides to the brown lacewing, Sympherobius barberi (Banks). 3 2 121-123 PDF
Lopez, J. D., Jr., J. A. Witz, A. W. Hartstack, Jr., and J. P. Hollingsworth. 1978 Response of the male boll weevil to grandlure. 3 2 124-129 PDF
Wolfenbarger, D. A. 1978 Bollworm and tobacco budworm: activity of phosphate and phosphonate compounds against resistant and susceptible strains. 3 2 130-132 PDF
Schmidt, C. D. and J. J. Matter. 1978 Systemic activity of the pyrethroid NRDC 161 against stable flies on cattle. 3 2 133-136 PDF
Capinera, J. L. and M. R. Walmsley. 1978 Control of alfalfa insects with methomyl. 3 2 137-140 PDF
Cook, B. J., W. D. Shelton, and R. T. Staten. 1978 Antennal responses of the pink bollworm to gossyplure. 3 2 141-146 PDF
Dalton, L. W., H. G. Kinzer, J. M. Reeves, and J. W. Atmar. 1978 Host location in the horn fly: roles of heat, CO2, water vapor, and cow-produced odors in attraction. 3 2 147-153 PDF
Combs, R. L., Jr. 1978 Bioassay of the residual effectiveness of permethrin and tetrachlorvinphos for house fly mortality when applied to various building surfaces in protected and exposed situations. 3 2 154-157 PDF
Lopez, J. D., Jr., A. W. Hartstack, Jr., J. A. Witz, and J. P. Hollingsworth. 1978 Heliothis zea: oviposition on corn and sorghum in relation to host phenology. 3 2 158-165 PDF
Lukefahr, M. J. 1978 Thomas Caldwell Barber, 1881-1977. 3 2 166 PDF