Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 26 - Issue 1 Articles

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Slosser, J. E., M. N. Parajulee, G. B. Idol, and D. R. Rummel. 2001 Cotton aphid response to irrigation and crop chemicals. 26 1 1-14 PDF
Liu, T. X., A. N. Sparks, Jr., and T. Y. Chen. 2001 Toxicity baselines and efficacy of selected aphicides against turnip aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) on cabbage. 26 1 15-21 PDF
Burd, J. D., K. A. Shufran, N. C. Elliot, B. W. French, and D. A. Prokrym. 2001 Recovery of imported Hymenopterous parasitoids released to control Russian wheat aphids in Colorado. 26 1 23-31 PDF
Carroll, S. C., D. R. Rummel, T. W. Fuchs, J. E. Slosser, M. D. Arnold, M. N. Parajulee, L. T. Wilson, and J. E. Huston. 2001 Influence of adult boll weevil diet on winter survival and spring-summer emergence. 26 1 33-48 PDF
French, B. W., N. C. Elliot, S. D. Kindler, and D. C. Arnold. 2001 Seasonal occurrence of aphids and natural enemies in wheat and associated crops. 26 1 49-61 PDF
Russell, S. A., H. G. Thorvilson, and S. A. Phillips, Jr. 2001 Red imported fire ant populations in Texas highway roadsides and rest areas. 26 1 63-71 PDF
Vandenberg, J. D., L. E. Sandvol, S. T. Jaronski, M. A. Jackson, E. J. Souza, and S. E. Halbert. 2001 Efficacy of fungi for control of Russian wheat aphid (Homoptera: Aphididae) in irrigated wheat. 26 1 73-85 PDF
Breene-Pierce, J. P., P. E. Yates, and C. J. Hair. 2001 Crop management and microclimate effects on immature boll weevil mortality in Chihuahuan desert cotton fields. 26 1 87-93 PDF