Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 24 - Issue 4 Articles

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Michels, G. J., Jr., Piccinni, G., C. M. Rush, and D. A. Fritts. 1999 Using infrared transducers to sense greenbug (Homoptera: Aphididae) infestations in winter wheat. 24 4 269-279 PDF
Henneberry, T. J. and L. F. Jech. 1999 Pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae): diapause larval exit from cotton bolls, larval and pupal development and mortality, and spring moth emergence in the insectary and in the field. 24 4 281-300 PDF
Snodgrass, G. L. and W. P. Scott. 1999 A discriminating-dose bioassay for detecting pyrethroid resistance in tarnished plant bug (Heteroptera: Miridae) populations. 24 4 301-307 PDF
Baxter, J. R., J. Ibarra, W. T. Wilson, R. G. Archer, J. D. Kellerby, and J. Stewart. 1999 Amitraz or coumaphos efficacy tests in Guatemala for control of Varroa jacobsoni in honey bees. 24 4 309-313 PDF
Crocker, R. L., M. G. Klein, X. Wei, and W. T. Nailon, Jr. 1999 Attraction of Phyllophaga congrua, Phyllophaga crassissima, Phyllophaga crinita, and Cyclocephala lurida (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) adults to selected volatile compounds. 24 4 315-319 PDF
Thompson, D. C. and K. T. Gardner. 1999 Basic biology of Melanoplus aridus, a forbivorous grasshopper common on some southwestern rangelands. 24 4 321-330 PDF
Barros, A. T. M., Andress, E., M. E. Doscher, and L. D. Foil. 1999 Evaluation of chlorfenapyr ear tag efficacy and susceptibility of horn flies to chlorfenapyr. 24 4 331-338 PDF
Hutchinson, W. D. 1999 Review and analysis of damage functions and monitoring systems for pink bollworm (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae) in southwestern United States cotton. 24 4 340-362 PDF
Anonymous. 1999 Author index to volume 24. 24 4 363 PDF
Anonymous. 1999 Subject index to volume 24. 24 4 364-365 PDF
Anonymous. 1999 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 24 4 369-370 PDF