Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 23 - Issue 4 Articles

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Chu, C. C., E. T. Natwick, A. C. Cohen, G. S. Simmons, D. E. Brushwood, and T. J. Henneberry. 1998 Bemisia argentifolii colonization, vascular bundle depth relationships, lint yield, and nymphal parasitism in selected deltapine cotton cultivars. 23 4 293-299 PDF
Lopez, J. D., Jr. 1998 Evaluation of various operational aspects for sex pheromone trapping of beet armyworm. 23 4 301-307 PDF
Jackson, C. G., J. W. Debolt, and W. A. Jones. 1998 Use of barriers to limit movement of parasitoids of Lygus spp. 23 4 309-315 PDF
Foil, L. D., G. R. Strother, J. A. Hawkins, S. J. Gross, D. F. Coombs, S. M. Derouen, W. E. Wyatt, L. K. Kuykendall, and B. G. Spears, Jr. 1998 The use of Ivomec® (Ivermectin) pour-on and permethrin ear tags for horn fly control. 23 4 317-323 PDF
Fuchs, T. W., D. R. Rummel, and E. P. Boring III. 1998 Delayed uniform planting for areawide boll weevil suppression. 23 4 325-333 PDF
Elzen, G. W., P. J. Elzen, and E. G. King. 1998 Laboratory toxicity of insecticide residues to Orius insidiosus, Geocoris punctipes, Hippodamia convergens, and Chrysoperla carnea. 23 4 335-342 PDF
Godfrey, L. D. and C. Pickel. 1998 Seasonal dynamics and management schemes for a subterranean mealybug, Rhizoecus kondonis Kuwana, pest of alfalfa. 23 4 343-350 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R. and J. R. Coppedge. 1998 Field evaluations of the KISS, a tractor-mounted sampler, and hand sampling for detecting boll weevils in prebloom cotton. 23 4 351-359 PDF
Hesler, L. S. 1998 Distribution of Diabroticine beetles among flowers and other structures of wild host plants in south Texas. 23 4 361-365 PDF
Vasquez, M. M., L. Q. C. Pool, and J. G. Palacios-Vargas. 1998 A new species of Hylaeanura (Collembola: Neanuridae: Pseudachorutinae). 23 4 367-371 PDF
Meek, C. L., C. Puskarich-May, and C. E. Carlton. 1998 New state record for the hairy maggot blow fly Chrysomya rufifacies (MacQuart). 23 4 373-375 PDF
Anonymous. 1998 Author index to volume 23. 23 4 377 PDF
Anonymous. 1998 Subject index to volume 23. 23 4 378-380 PDF
Anonymous. 1998 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 23 4 383-384 PDF