Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 23 - Issue 3 Articles

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Westbrook, J. K., J. F. Esquivel, J. D. Lopez, Jr., G. D. Jones, W. W. Wolf, and J. R. Raulston. 1998 Validation of bollworm migration across south-central Texas in 1994-1996. 23 3 209-219 PDF
Martin, J. B., B. M. Drees, W. E. Grant, E. K. Pederson, C. L. Barr, and S. B. Vinson. 1998 Foraging range of the polygynous form of the red imported fire ant, Solenopsis invicta Buren. 23 3 221-228 PDF
K. B. Temeyer, J. H. Pruett, and P. K. Beetham. 1998 Production of monoclonal antibodies specific for Hypodermin A, a serine protease of the common cattle grub, Hypoderma lineatum. 23 3 229-235 PDF
K. B. Temeyer. 1998 Antifungal agents and solvents for use in horn fly larval rearing or bioassays. 23 3 237-245 PDF
C. D. Parker, Jr., and R. G. Luttrell. 1998 Oviposition of tobacco budworm (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) in mixed plantings of non-transgenic and transgenic cottons expressing δ-endotoxin protein of Bacillus thuringiensis (Berliner). 23 3 247-257 PDF
C. C. Chu, T. J. Henneberry, and E. T. Natwick. 1998 Bemisia argentifolii adults caught in CC whitefly traps at different trap heights and trap catch relationships to leaf-turn counts on cotton. 23 3 259-268 PDF
Eikenbary, R. D. 1998 Emergence behavior of Catolaccus grandis Burks from host containment cells. 23 3 269-282 PDF
Holmes, S. P., J. E. Slosser, T. R. Moore, H. T. Wiedemann, and D. E. Bay. 1998 Chaining as a control method for Tabanus abactor in the Texas rolling plains. 23 3 283-284 PDF
Mulrooney, J. E. and E. R. Adams. 1998 A chamber for immobilizing insects with carbon dioxide. 23 3 285-286 PDF
Perez-Lachaud, G. 1998 A new Bethylid attacking the coffee berry borer in Chiapas (Mexico) and some notes on it biology. 23 3 287-288 PDF