Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 22 - Issue 1 Articles

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Slosser, J. E., R. Montandon, W. E. Pinchak, and D. R. Rummel. 1997 Cotton aphid response to nitrogen fertility in dryland cotton. 22 1 1-10 PDF
Beasley, C. A. 1997 Effects of environmental conditions on diapause in native populations of pink bollworm. 22 1 11-27 PDF
Bueno, R., Jr. and H. W. Van Cleave. 1997 The effect of temperature and host density on the reproduction of Aphelinus perpallidus. 22 1 29-37 PDF
Bueno, R., Jr. and H. W. Van Cleave. 1997 The effect of cold storage on the emergence of Aphelinus perpallidus, a parasitoid of Monellia caryella. 22 1 39-51 PDF
Spurgeon, D. W., J. R. Raulston, P. D. Lingren, and T. N. Shaver. 1997 Adult diets for laboratory rearing of the Mexican rice borer (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae). 22 1 53-59 PDF
Elzen, G. W. 1997 Changes in resistance to insecticides in tobacco budworm populations in Mississippi, 1993-1995. 22 1 61-72 PDF
Waggoner, M., J. Bernal, and D. Gonzalez. 1997 Effect of short-term cold storage on mummy-stage survival in two parasites of the Russian wheat aphid. 22 1 73-77 PDF
Zumbado, M. A. and F. C. Thompson. 1997 Nuevas especies de Sterphus (Diptera: Syrphidae) de Costa Rica con notas sobre otras especies presentes en costa. 22 1 79-90 PDF
Servin-Villegas, R., J. L. Martinez, E. Troyo-Dieguez, and A. Ortega-Rubio. 1997 Susceptibilidad de adultos de Bemisia argentifolii (Bellows and Perring), a insecticidas de uso comun en Baja California Sur, Mexico. 22 1 91-101 PDF
Servin, R., R. Aguilar, and A. Tejas. 1997 Acaros fitofagos presentes in arboles frutales de Baja California Sur, Mexico. 22 1 103-107 PDF
Castrejon-Ayala, F., J. Cibrian-Tovar, J. Valdez-Carrasco, and M. Camino-Lavin. 1997 Glandulas salivares y pleurales de Toxotrypana curvicauda. 22 1 109-113 PDF
Ebert, T. A. and B. Cartwright. 1997 Biology and ecology of Aphid gossypii Glover (Homoptera: Aphididae). 22 1 116-153 PDF