Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 21 - Issue 4 Articles

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Henneberry, T. J., L. Forlow Jech, and R. A. Burke. 1996 Pink bollworm adult and larval susceptibility to steinernematid nematodes and nematode persistence in the soil in laboratory and field tests in Arizona. 21 4 357-368 PDF
Smith, W. J., C. W. Smith, and R. L. Meagher, Jr. 1996 Abaxial surface and emulsified leaf pH of cotton, Gossypium spp. 21 4 369-376 PDF
A. C. Cohen, C. Chu, T. J. Henneberry, T. Freeman, J. Buckner, and D. Nelson. 1996 Cotton leaf surface features serve as behavioral cues to silverleaf whiteflies. 21 4 377-385 PDF
Vinson, S. B. and S. Ellison. 1996 An unusual case of polygyny in Solenopsis invicta Buren. 21 4 387-393 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R., T. N. Shaver, P. D. Lingren, and J. R. Raulston. 1996 Free-choice olfactometer bioassay system for evaluating the attractiveness of plant volatiles to adult Helicoverpa zea. 21 4 395-405 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R., J. D. Lopez, Jr., and G. H. McKibben. 1996 Seasonal responses of boll weevil to pheromone traps in cropped and adjacent uncropped areas of east-central Texas. 21 4 407-419 PDF
Everitt, J. H., D. E. Escobar, K. R. Summy, M. A. Alaniz, and M. R. Davis. 1996 Using spatial information technologies for detecting and mapping whitefly and harvester ant infestations in south Texas. 21 4 421-432 PDF
Laster, M. L., D. D. Hardee, and J. C. Schneider. 1996 Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae): influence of sterile backcross releases on suppression. 21 4 433-444 PDF
Fincher, G. T. 1996 Ivermectin pour-on for cattle: effects on some dung-inhabiting insects. 21 4 445-450 PDF
Danka, R. G. and J. D. Villa. 1996 Comparative susceptibility of Africanized honey bees from south Texas to infestation by Acarapis woodi. 21 4 451-456 PDF
Pemberton, I. J., G. R. Smith, and J. V. Robinson. 1996 Occurrence of Languria mozardi in six Trifolium species. 21 4 457-463 PDF
S. Mahunka and J. G. Palacios-Vargas. 1996 Reductoripoda absoluta gen. et. sp. nov. (Oripodidae) and a new allozetes (Ceratozetidae) Berlese, 1913 species from Mexico (Acari: Oribatida). 21 4 465-469 PDF
Perez-Serna, S. M., H. Quiros-Martinez, N. Ornelas-Nava, M. H. Badii, M. F. Suarez, y M. L. Rodriguez-Tovar. 1996 Selectividad de presas de tres depredadores acuaticos de larvas de mosquitos. 21 4 471-475 PDF
Martin, C. S., C. E. Carlton, and C. L. Meek. 1996 New distribution record for the hairy maggot blow fly Chrysomya rufifacies. 21 4 477-478 PDF
Collins, J. K., P. G. Mulder, M. W. Smith, and R. D. Eikenbary. 1996 Mating behavior and peak mating activity of the pecan weevil Curculio caryae (Horn). 21 4 479-481 PDF
Quiroz-Martinez, H., M. A. Herrera-Delgadillo y M. H. Badii. 1996 Efecto de Bacillus thuringiensis en la depredacion de Buenoa antigone sobre larvas de Aedes aegypti. 21 4 483-484 PDF
Anonymous. 1996 Author index. 21 4 485-486 PDF
Anonymous. 1996 Subject index. 21 4 487-488 PDF
Anonymous. 1996 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 21 4 491-492 PDF