Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 20 - Issue 3 Articles

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Kanga, L. H. B., F. W. Plapp, Jr., M. L. Wall, and G. W. Elzen. 1995 A four year study of resistance to organophosphorus, carbamate, and cyclodiene insecticides in the tobacco budworm in Texas and Arkansas. 20 3 237-246 PDF
Kanga, L. H. B., M. L. Wall, F. W. Plapp, Jr., and E. M. M. Gardiner. 1995 Pyrethroid resistance in field-collected boll weevils from southeast Arkansas in 1994. 20 3 247-253 PDF
Henneberry, T. J., D. H. Hendrix, H. H. Perkins, S. E. Naranjo, H. M. Flint, D. Akey, L. F. Jech, and R. A. Burke. 1995 Bemisia argentifolii (Homoptera: Aleyrodidae) populations and relationships to sticky cotton and cotton yields. 20 3 255-271 PDF
Guerrero, F. D. 1995 Changes in horn fly translatable RNA associated with feeding and developmental stage. 20 3 273-280 PDF
Flint, H. M., F. J. Henneberry, F. D. Wilson, E. Holguin, N. Parks, and R. E. Buehler. 1995 The effects of transgenic cotton, Gossypium hirsutum L., containing Bacillus thuringiensis toxin genes for the control of the pink boll worm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders) and other arthropods. 20 3 281-292 PDF
Nordlund, D. A. and J. A. Correa. 1995 Description of green lacewing adult feeding and oviposition units and a sodium hypochlorite-based egg harvesting system. 20 3 293-301 PDF
Sivasupramaniam, S., T. F. Watson, and A. A. Osman. 1995 Factors affecting the wintertime physiology of Anthonomus grandis Boheman in Arizona. 20 3 303-315 PDF
Snodgrass, G. L. and G. W. Elzen. 1995 Insecticide resistance in a tarnished plant bug population in cotton in the Mississippi delta. 20 3 317-323 PDF
Thompson, D. C., J. L. Knight, T. M. Sterling, and L. W. Murray. 1995 Preference for specific varieties of woolly locoweed by a specialist weevil, Cleonidius trivittatus (Say). 20 3 325-333 PDF
Ahrens, E. H., R. B. Davey, J. E. George, and J. R. Pemberton. 1995 Management of a phosmet-charged dipping vat and the control of Boophilus annulatus. 20 3 335-340 PDF
Fuchs, T. W. and R. Minzenmayer. 1995 Effect of Aphis gossypii on cotton development and yield in west Texas. 20 3 341-349 PDF
Latheef, M. A. 1995 Toxicity of ß-cyclodextrin complexes of sulprofos against tobacco budworm on cotton. 20 3 351-356 PDF
Bautista-Martinez, N., E. Prado-Beltran, J. L. Carrillo-Sanchez, and G. Vejar-Cota. 1995 Morphology, biology, and habits of immature stages of the huauzontle borer Scrobipalpa atriplicella (Roeslerstamm) (Lepidoptera: Gelechiidae). 20 3 357-365 PDF
Pescador, A. R. 1995 Distribution and abundance of Hylesia lineata egg masses in a tropical dry forest in western Mexico. 20 3 367-375 PDF
Morales-Ramos, L. H., M. L. Rodriquez-Tovar, E. Fonseca-Esparza, L. J. Galan-Wong, and R. S. Tamez-Guerra. 1995 Efficacy and persistence of two commercial formulations of Bacillus sphaericus 2362 in Culex pipiens quinquefasciatus Say under laboratory conditions. 20 3 377-381 PDF
Drees, B. M. 1995 Red imported fire ant multiple stinging incidents to humans indoors in Texas. 20 3 383-385 PDF