Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 19 - Issue 3 Articles

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Rummel, D. R., M. D. Arnold, J. R. Gannaway, D. F. Owen, S. C. Carroll, and W. R. Deaton. 1994 Evaluation of BT cottons resistant to injury from bollworm: implication for pest management in the Texas southern high plains. 19 3 199-207 PDF
Nuessly, G. S., D. E. Meyerdirk, D. L. Coudriet, and T. J. Henneberry. 1994 The effect of short season cotton production schedules on Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius). 19 3 209-217 PDF
Elzen, G. W. 1994 Characterization of Heliothis virescens (F.) resistance to insecticides in Mississippi in 1992: multiple vs. cross-resistance. 19 3 219-227 PDF
Leggett, J. E., T. J. Henneberry, and R. D. White. 1994 Cotton leaf perforator (Lepidoptera: Lyonetiidae) pheromone studies. 19 3 229-236 PDF
Merchant, M. E. and G. L. Teetes. 1994 Perceptions of Texas farmers and pest management advisors of integrated pest management of sorghum insect pests. 19 3 237-248 PDF
Eckberg, T. B. and W. S. Cranshaw. 1994 Larval biology and control of the rabbitbrush beetle, Thirhabda nitidicollis LeConte (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae). 19 3 249-256 PDF
Bull, D. L. and R. W. Meola. 1994 Interactions of the insect growth regulator pyriproxyfen with immature and adult stages of the stable fly. 19 3 257-263 PDF
Berdegue, M., M. K. Harris, D. W. Riley, and B. Villalon. 1994 Host plant resistance on pepper to the pepper weevil, Anthonomus eugenii Cano. 19 3 265-271 PDF
Reed, H. C., S. Tan, D. K. Reed, N. C. Elliot, J. D. Burd, and T. Walker. 1994 Evidence for a sex attractant in Aphidius colemani Viereck with potential use in field studies. 19 3 273-278 PDF
Elliot, N. C., D. K. Reed, B. W. French, and S. D. Kindler. 1994 Aphid host effects on the biology of Diaeretiella rapae. 19 3 279-284 PDF
Servin, R. , R. Aguilar, y S. T. Alvarez-Castaneda. 1994 Una nueva especie del genero Geomylichus Fain 1970, presente en un roedor endemico de Baja California Sur, Mexico. 19 3 285-289 PDF
Palacios-Vargas, J. G. and M. V. Vidal-Acosta. 1994 Nuevas especies de Friesea (Collembola: Neanuridae) de reservas biologicas de Mexico. 19 3 291-299 PDF
Galan-Wong, L. J., C. F. Sandoval-Coronado, K. Arevalo-Nino, C. Rodriguez-Padilla, y H. A. Luna-Olvera. 1994 Evaluation de cepas nativas y de coleccion de Bacillus thuringiensis serotipo H8 contra larvas de Lepidopteros. 19 3 301-307 PDF
Dieringer, G. and L. Delgado. 1994 Notes on the biology of Cyclocephala jalapensis (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae); an endemic of eastern Mexico. 19 3 309-311 PDF
Infante, F., S. T. Murphy, J. F. Barrera, J. Gomez, W. de la Rosa, y A. Damon. 1994 Cria de Phymastichus coffea parasitoide de la broca del café, y algunas notas sobre su historia de vida. 19 3 313-315 PDF
Anonymous. 1994 Addendum:  1994.  19(2):119-128. 19 3 317-319 PDF