Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 17 - Issue 3 Articles

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Hendricks, D. E. 1992 The role of velvetleaf growing in or near cotton fields as a host for tobacco budworms and bollworms in the Mississippi River delta. 17 3 199-207 PDF
Rodriguez-del-Bosque, L. A. and E. Rosales-Robles. 1992 Corn insect pests and pathogenic diseases in relationship to shattercane populations. 17 3 209-214 PDF
Soderstrom, E. L. and D. G. Brandl. 1992 Fuller rose beetle embryonic development and observations on oviposition. 17 3 215-221 PDF
Roltsch, W. J., W. C. Carr, Jr., M. A. Mayse, and R. S. Dodds. 1992 Western grapeleaf skeletonizer pheromone trap catch seasonal patterns in central California. 17 3 223-231 PDF
Michels, G. J. and R. V. Flanders. 1992 Larval development, aphid consumption and oviposition for five imported Coccinellids at constant temperature on Russian wheat aphids and greenbugs. 17 3 233-243 PDF
Kerns, D. L. and M. J. Gaylor. 1992 Sublethal effects of insecticides on cotton aphid reproduction and color morph development. 17 3 245-250 PDF
Stewart, S. D., A. G. Appel, and M. J. Gaylor. 1992 Ingestion of 14C-labeled diet by Lygus hesperus Knight (L.). 17 3 251-254 PDF
Rodriguez, A. D. y F. Reyes-Villanueva. 1992 Comportamiento sexual de Toxorhynchites theobaldi bajo condiciones de laboratorio. 17 3 255-260 PDF
Martinez-Ibarra, J. A., L. Galaviz-Silva, C. Lara-Campos, y J. C. Trujillo-Garcia. 1992 Distribucion de los Triatominos asociados al domicilio humano en el municipio de General Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. 17 3 261-265 PDF
Ciomperlik, M. A., J. M. Chandler, and C. J. DeLoach. 1992 Predation by red imported fire ant on Tyta luctuosa, released for control of field bindweed. 17 3 267-269 PDF