Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 17 - Issue 1 Articles

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Witz, J. A., J. D. Lopez, Jr. and J. L. Goodenough. 1992 Influence of sex pheromone trap placement relative to field edge on catch of bollworm males in cotton. 17 1 1-6 PDF
Richerson, J. V., J. F. Scudday, and S. P. Tabor. 1992 An ectoparasite survey of mammals in Brewster County, Texas, 1982-1985. 17 1 7-15 PDF
Robinson, J., D. S. Calhoun, and P. A. Burnett. 1992 Greenhouse rearing and field infestation of Russian wheat aphid using triticale as an example. 17 1 17-21 PDF
Kerns, D. L. and M. J. Gaylor. 1992 Behavior of cotton aphid exposed to sublethal doses of three insecticides. 17 1 23-27 PDF
Curtis, C. E., J. D. Clark, J. S. Tebbets, and B. E. Mackey. 1992 Incidence of arthropods found in packed nectarine fruit in central California. 17 1 29-39 PDF
Kabir, A., M. Ameen, and S. Meola. 1992 Metamorphosis of the malphigian tubules of Diacrisia obliqua Walker. 17 1 41-47 PDF
Leggett, J. E. 1992 The influence of ULV malathion, applied for boll weevil control, on other pest and beneficial species in Arizona cotton fields 1989-90. 17 1 49-61 PDF
Gallegos-Morales, G. y A. Sanchez-Novoa. 1992 Seleccion de cepas de Bacillus thuringiensis para control de insectos lepidopteros. 17 1 63-67 PDF
Palumbo, J. C. 1992 Identification and occurrence of Liriomyza species associated with cotton in Arizona. 17 1 69-70 PDF
Riley, D. G. and D. J. Schuster. 1992 The occurrence of Catolaccus hunteri, a parasitoid of Anthonomus eugenii, in insecticide treated bell peppers. 17 1 71-72 PDF
Banuelos, G. S., S. Tebbets, R. Perry, J. E. Duffus, and P. Vail. 1992 The potential of non-native selenium accumulating mustard plants as hosts for beet leafhopper and beet curly top virus. 17 1 73-75 PDF