Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 16 - Issue 4 Articles

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Slosser, J. E., J. R. Price, and W. A. Frank. 1991 Treatment threshold for overwintered boll weevils in dryland cotton in the Texas rolling plains. 16 4 293-300 PDF
Crosby, B. L., R. L. Byford, And H. G. Kinzer. 1991 Insecticide resistance in the horn fly, Haematobia irritans (L.), in New Mexico: survey and control. 16 4 301-309 PDF
Summerlin, J. W., G. T. Fincher, J. P. Roth, and S. M. Meola. 1991 Laboratory observations on the life history and habits of Phelister haemorrhous. 16 4 311-315 PDF
Bates S. L., J. K. Walker, and C. W. Smith. 1991 Studies of boll weevil resistance in two converted, day-neutral cotton race stocks. 16 4 317-329 PDF
Butler, G. D., Jr., S. N. Puri, and T. J. Henneberry. 1991 Plant-derived oil and detergent solutions as control agents for Bemisia tabaci and Aphis gossypii on cotton. 16 4 331-337 PDF
Lancaster, J.L., Jr., R. L. Kilgore, J. S. Simco, R. W. Parham, D. Hubbell, and J. L. Cox. 1991 Efficacy of a topical ivermectin formulation against naturally occurring adult horn flies on cattle. 16 4 339-345 PDF
Henneberry, T. J., L. A. Bariola, T. Meng, Jr., and L. F. Jech. 1991 Boll weevil: effects of moisture and cotton boll burial substrate on overwintering survival. 16 4 347-352 PDF
Kovarik, P. W., H. R. Burke, and C. W. Agnew. 1991 Development and behavior of a snakefly, Raphidia bicolor Albarda (Neuroptera: Raphidiidae). 16 4 353-364 PDF
Meagher, R. L., Jr., S. W. Wilson, R. S Pfannenstiel, and R. G. Breene. 1991 Documentation of two potential insect pests of south Texas sugarcane. 16 4 365-366 PDF
Rodriguez-del Bosque, L. A. and J. W. Smith, Jr. 1991 Parasitization of Diatraea muellerella on corn in Guerrero, Mexico. 16 4 367-369 PDF
Rummel, D. R. 1991 Entomologists of the southwest 3.  Willis Lawton Owen, Jr. 16 4 372-376 PDF
Anonymous. 1991 Author and subject index to volume 16. 16 4 377-379 PDF
Anonymous. 1991 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 16 4 384 PDF