Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 16 - Issue 2 Articles

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Guerra, A. A., R. W. Steger, and J. C. Guerra. 1991 The possible role of brain serotonin in seasonal dispersal behavior of the boll weevil. 16 2 92-98 PDF
Royer, T. A., M. K. Harris, and J. V. Edelson. 1991 A technique and apparatus for isolating and rearing subterranean aphids on herbaceous hosts. 16 2 100-106 PDF
Mulder, P. G., C. L. Cole, M. A. Karner, and J. R. Bolte. 1991 Seasonal prevalence of the Thysanoptera in an Oklahoma peanut ecosystem and potential for tomato spotted wilt virus. 16 2 108-116 PDF
Steinkraus, D. C., T. J. Kring, and N. P. Tugwell. 1991 Neozygites fresenii in Aphis gossypii on cotton. 16 2 118-122 PDF
Cook, B. J. and B. Staneart. 1991 An optical transducer system for the detection of muscle and appendage movements in insects. 16 2 124-130 PDF
Chu, C. C., T. J. Henneberry, L. A. Bariola, and B. Deeter. 1991 Pink bollworm in different cottons and effect of plant growth regulators under short-season conditions. 16 2 132-143 PDF
Davis, F. M., W .P. Williams, S. S. Ng, and G. W. Videla. 1991 Growth and survival of southwestern corn borer on whorl and reproductive stage plants of selected corn hybrids. 16 2 144-154 PDF
Servin-V, R. and A. Tejas-R. 1991 Presencia de Dermatophagoides en Baja Californica Sur, Mexico. 16 2 156-161 PDF
Quiroz-Martinez, H. and M. H. Badii. 1991 Selectividad de presas de Tropisternus sp. 16 2 162-166 PDF
Stewart, S. D. and S. B. Vinson. 1991 Red imported fire ant damage to commercial cucumber and sunflower plants. 16 2 168-170 PDF
Cocke, J., Jr., A. R. Knutson, L. Stein, and J. Esquivel. 1991 Preventing drought delay using irrigation in a pecan weevil management program in Texas, 1990. 16 2 172-173 PDF
Anonymous. 1991 Minutes of the 15th annual meeting of the Southwestern Entomological Society. 16 2 174-177 PDF