Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 15 - Issue 4 Articles

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Cocke, J., Jr., W. J. Gladney, R. Knutson, and D. K. Lunt. 1990 Liquidduster™: a new self-treatment device for management of horn flies on beef cattle. 15 4 377-385 PDF
Richman, D. B., J. J. Ellington, K. R. Kiser, and G. Ferguson-Faubion. 1990 A comparison of a New Mexico alfalfa spider fauna with eastern and California faunas. 15 4 387-397 PDF
Dean, D. A. and W. L. Sterling. 1990 Seasonal patterns of spiders captured in suction traps in eastern Texas. 15 4 399-412 PDF
Flint, H. M., N. J. Parks, J. Holmes, and A. Springston. 1990 Pink bollworm: effect of antennae removal on reproductive biology. 15 4 413-420 PDF
Thomas, D. B. and R. L. Mangan. 1990 Puparial malformations in the screwworm with special reference to the Bola-Boliche syndrome. 15 4 421-428 PDF
Tucker, C. A. and J. L. Lancaster. 1990 Collection and maintenance procedure for Tabanid oviposition: a three-year study. 15 4 429-437 PDF
Scott, R. A., W. D. Worrall, and W. A. Frank. 1990 Comparison of three techniques for measuring antibiosis to Russian wheat aphid. 15 4 439-446 PDF
Temeyer, K. B. 1990 Fecal SUPementation with carbohydrate reduces survival of horn fly larvae - a cautionary note on bioassays and diet development. 15 4 447-452 PDF
Pedraza-Martinez, F. A. 1990 Seasonal incidence of Suleima helianthana (Riley) infestations in sunflower in central Tamaulipas, Mexico. 15 4 453-457 PDF
Brown, J. R., J. R. Phillips, and V. Chew. 1990 The photoperiod counter of Microplitis croceipes. 15 4 459-462 PDF
Jones, W. A. and C. G. Jackson. 1990 Mass production of Anaphes iole for augmentation against Lygus hesperus: effects of food on fecundity and longevity. 15 4 463-468 PDF
Ansley, R. J., C. H. Meadors, and P. W. Jacoby. 1990 Preferential attraction of the twig girdler, Oncideres cingulata texana Horn, to moisture-stressed mesquite. 15 4 469-474 PDF
Cartwright, B., B. W. Roberts, T. K. Harris, and J. V. Edelson. 1990 Effects of mulches on the population increase of Myzus persicae (Sulzer) on bell peppers. 15 4 475-479 PDF
Terranova, A. C., R. G. Jones, and A. C. Bartlett. 1990 The southeastern boll weevil: an allozyme characterization of its population structure. 15 4 481-496 PDF
Fuchs, T. W. and R. Minzenmayer. 1990 Ten year history of overwintered boll weevil emergence profile in the Concho Valley of Texas, 1980-1989. 15 4 497-498 PDF
Anonymous. 1990 Author and subject indexes to volume 15. 15 4 499-503 PDF
Anonymous. 1990 New editor. 15 4 505
Anonymous. 1990 Statement of ownership, management, and circulation. 15 4 506