Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 15 - Issue 3 Articles

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Jackson, C. G. and J. W. Debolt. 1990 Labeling of Leiophron uniformis, a parasitoid of Lygus spp., with rubidium. 15 3 239-243 PDF
Hendricks, D. E. and T. N. Shaver. 1990 Persistence and performance of pheromone formulated with or without z-11-hexadecen-1-ol in PVC as bait for trapping tobacco budworm moths. 15 3 245-251 PDF
Summerlin, J. W., G. T. Fincher, and J. P. Roth. 1990 Predation by Atholus rothkirchi on horn fly. 15 3 253-256 PDF
Butler, G. D., Jr., and T. J. Henneberry. 1990 Cottonseed oil and safer insecticidal soap: effects on cotton and vegetable pests and phytotoxicity. 15 3 257-264 PDF
Cocke, J., Jr., R. Knutson, D. K. Lunt, and F. L. Mitchell. 1990 Changes in horn fly response to diazinon and fenvalerate following season long exposure to various pyrethroid and organophosphate ear tags on range cattle in Texas. 15 3 265-271 PDF
Chu, C. C. and T. J. Henneberry. 1990 Pink bollworm seasonal distribution, yearly variation, and male moth trap catch relationships to population increases in cotton. 15 3 273-280 PDF
DeGrandi-Hoffman, G., I. Terry, F. Morales, and C. Weinhold. 1990 Influence of blossom density, bloom phenology, honey bee foraging activity and blossom quality on apple fruit set. 15 3 281-289 PDF
Rodriquez-del-Bosque, L. A., J. W. Smith, Jr., and H. W. Browning. 1990 Spatial dispersion patterns of Diatraea lineolata, Diatraea saccharalis, and Eoreuma loftini on corn. 15 3 291-299 PDF
Beerwinkle, K. R. and P. G. Schleider. 1990 Computer-driven light intensity controller for biological research. 15 3 301-307 PDF
Reinecke, J. P. 1990 A rapid and controllable technique for surface labeling boll weevils with fluorescent pigments. 15 3 309-316 PDF
Buschman, L. L. and M. A. Chowdhury. 1990 Management of banks grass mites in field corn: aerial applications of propargite. 15 3 317-325 PDF
Blanco-Montero, C. A. and J. A. Sanchez-Salas. 1990 Evaluation of six different traps for detecting the Mexican fruit fly. 15 3 327-331 PDF
Hoffman, A. y R. Servin. 1990 Una especie nueva de listroforido asociado a un roedor de Baja California Sur. 15 3 333-338 PDF
Sites, R. W. and W. S. Chambers. 1990 Initiation of vernal activity of Frankliniella occidentalis and Thrips tabaci on the south Texas plains. 15 3 339-343 PDF
Walters, M. L., O. C. Jenkins, and J. K. Walker. 1990 Texas threshold recommendations in cotton: sample size and accuracy for Heliothis spp. 15 3 346-357 PDF
Scholl, P. J. 1990 A review of parasites, pathogens, and predators of cattle grubs. 15 3 360-365 PDF