Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 15 - Issue 2 Articles

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Bergman, D. K., J. W. Dillwith, R. K. Campbell, and R. D. Eikenbary. 1990 Cuticular hydrocarbons of the Russian wheat aphid. 15 2 91-100 PDF
Anderson, R. S. and H. R. Burke. 1990 Natural history of weevils of the genus Cionopsis Champion, with description of the larva of Cionopsis maculata Burke. 15 2 101-107 PDF
Behle, R. W. and G. J. Michels, Jr. 1990 Russian wheat aphid development, reproduction, and survival on wheat and rye grown in four host-plant media. 15 2 109-121 PDF
Butler, G. D., Jr., and T. J. Henneberry. 1990 Pest control on vegetables and cotton with household cooking oils and liquid detergents. 15 2 123-131 PDF
Lidell, M. C. and M. F. Schuster. 1990 Distribution of the Hessian fly and its control in Texas. 15 2 133-145 PDF
Maki, D. L., J. O. Moffett, and H. D. Petersen. 1990 X-radiography effects on leafcutting bee, Megachile rotundata, body size and survival at emergence. 15 2 147-150 PDF
Quiroz-Martinez, H. and M. H. Badii. 1990 Capacidad depredadora de Tropisternus sp. sobre larvas de Culex pipiens L. 15 2 151-157 PDF
Cantelo, W. W. 1990 Comparative efficacy of a blacklight trap and a Robinson trap in trapping moths. 15 2 159-162 PDF
Williams, W. P. and F. M. Davis. 1990 Response of corn to artificial infestation with fall armyworm and southwestern corn borer larvae. 15 2 163-166 PDF
Knight, R. L. and M. K. Rust. 1990 The urban ants of California with distribution notes of imported species. 15 2 167-178 PDF
Lanteri, A. A. 1990 Systematic revision and cladistic analysis of Phacepholis Horn. 15 2 179-204 PDF
Cranshaw, W. S. and D. J. Liewehr. 1990 Effects of colored sprays on aphid and psyllid colonization of potatoes. 15 2 205-209 PDF
Hardee, D. D., P. J. O'Brien, G. W. Elzen, and G. L. Snodgrass. 1990 Emergence and survival of the parasitoid Lysiphlebus testaceipes from Aphis gossypii exposed to aphicides. 15 2 211-216 PDF
Witz, J. A., J. L. Hayes, M. A. Latheef, J. D. Lopez, and F. I. Proshold. 1990 Comparison of pheromone traps and the TEXCIM model for predicting Heliothis spp. egg timing in cotton. 15 2 217-229 PDF
Anonymous. 1990 Minutes of the 14th annual meeting of the Southwestern Entomological Society. 15 2 231-235 PDF