Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 15 - Issue 1 Articles

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Thoenes, S. C. and J. O. Moffett. 1990 Infestation patterns of the alfalfa seed Chalcid in Oklahoma alfalfa fields. 15 1 15-25 PDF
Terry, L. I. and C. W. Lee. 1990 Infestation of cultivated Amaranthus by the weevil, Conotrachelus seniculus in southeastern Arizona. 15 1 27-31 PDF
Elzen, G. W., P. J. O'Brien, and G. L. Snodgrass. 1990 Toxicity of various classes of insecticides to pyrethroid resistant Heliothis virescens larvae. 15 1 33-38 PDF
Hendricks, D. E. 1990 Electronic system for detecting trapped boll weevils in the field and transferring incident information to a computer. 15 1 39-48 PDF
Drees, B. M. and M. E. Rice. 1990 Population dynamics and seasonal occurrence of soybean insect pests in southeastern Texas. 15 1 49-56 PDF
Holbrook, F. R. and P. E. Yeager. 1990 The distribution of Culicoides variipennis in Wyoming, and its significance for bluetongue virus disease. 15 1 57-62 PDF
Drapek, R. J., L. B. Coop, B. A. Croft, and G. C. Fisher. 1990 Heliothis zea pheromone trapping: studies of trap and lure combinations and field placement in sweet corn. 15 1 63-69 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. 1990 Neobagoidus carlsoni, new genus, new species of aquatic weevil from Florida. 15 1 71-76 PDF
Frank, W. A. and J. E. Slosser. 1990 Efficacy of Beauveria bassiana (Balsamo) Vuillemin to control overwintering boll weevils, Anthonomus grandis Boheman. 15 1 77-78 PDF
Kendall, D. M. and J. L. Capinera. 1990 Geographic and temporal variation in the sex ratio of onion thrips. 15 1 80-88 PDF