Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 14 - Issue 3 Articles

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Beiriger, R., H. Thorvilson, W. Lipe, and D. Rummel. 1989 Determination of adult apple twig borer sex based on a comparison of internal and external morphology. 14 3 199-203 PDF
Servin, R. and G. Otero. 1989 Una nueva especie de Tuckerella de Baja California Sur, Mexico. 14 3 205-212 PDF
O'Brien, C. W. and G. J. Wibmer. 1989 Two new South American species of the weevil genus Argentinorhynchus Brethes. 14 3 213-223 PDF
Stein, M. B. and H. G. Thorvilson. 1989 Ant species sympatric with the red imported fire ant in southeastern Texas. 14 3 225-231 PDF
Chamberlain, W. F. 1989 Survival of second and third instars of the cattle grubs, Hypoderma lineatum (Villers) and Hypoderma bovis (L.), in artificial media. 14 3 233-239 PDF
Domis, G. M. and M. R. Wagner. 1989 Photoperiod and temperature effects on the diapause induction and termination of Neodiprion sawflies from Arizona. 14 3 241-247 PDF
Breene, R. G., W. R Martin, Jr., D. A. Dean, and W. L. Sterling. 1989 Rearing methods for the cotton fleahopper. 14 3 249-253 PDF
Akey, D. H. and B. A. Kimball. 1989 Growth and development of the beet armyworm on cotton grown in an enriched carbon dioxide atmosphere. 14 3 255-260 PDF
McKibben, G. H., W. L. Parrott, and J. W. Smith. 1989 Feeding response of boll weevils to ester extracts of various cotton plant parts. 14 3 261-264 PDF
Fuchs, T. W. and A. England. 1989 Winter habitat sampling for overwintering boll weevils as a component of an integrated pest management program. 14 3 265-269 PDF
Flint, H. M., F. D. Wilson, and N. J. Parks. 1989 Causes of square shed in cotton in central Arizona. 14 3 271-278 PDF
Rummel, D. R. and M. D. Arnold. 1989 Estimating thrips populations in cotton with conventional sampling and a plant washing technique. 14 3 279-285 PDF
Butler, G. D., Jr., and T. J. Henneberry. 1989 Sweetpotato whitefly migration, population increase, and control on lettuce with cottonseed oil sprays. 14 3 287-293 PDF
Akey, D. H. and G. D. Butler, Jr. 1989 Development rates and fecundity of apterous Aphis gossypii on seedlings of Gossypium hirsutum. 14 3 295-299 PDF
Slosser, J. E., W. E. Pinchak, and D. R. Rummel. 1989 A review of known and potential factors affecting the population dynamics of the cotton aphid. 14 3 302-313 PDF