Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 14 - Issue 2 Articles

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Roth, J. P. 1989 Some effects of methoprene on Spalangia cameroni, a parasitoid of horn fly pupae. 14 2 91-96 PDF
Leggett, J. E., G. H. McKibben, and L. Herbaugh. 1989 Evaluation of grandlure formulations and new lure dispensers for attracting boll weevils. 14 2 97-110 PDF
Villavaso, E. J., W. L. McGovern, and J. E. Leggett. 1989 Competitiveness and longevity of sterile boll weevils in isolated plots of cotton in Arizona. 14 2 111-115 PDF
Rummel, D. R. and K. C. Neece. 1989 Winter survival of Heliothis zea (Boddie) in cultivated and noncultivated soil in the southern Texas high plains. 14 2 117-125 PDF
Summerlin, J. W. 1989 Techniques for collecting, rearing, and handling histerid beetles. 14 2 127-132 PDF
Fincher, G. T. and J. S. Hunter III. 1989 Overwintering studies on Onthophagus gazella (F.) and Onthophagus bonasus (F.) in two different textural classes of soil in east-central Texas. 14 2 133-138 PDF
Brown, J. R., J. R. Phillips, and W. C. Yearian. 1989 Transmission of Heliothis NPV by Microplitis croceipes (Cresson) in Heliothis virescens (F.). 14 2 139-146 PDF
Kroening, M. K., B. C. Kondratieff, and E. E. Nelson. 1989 New host and distributional records for Rhagoletis in Colorado. 14 2 147-152 PDF
McDonough, L. M. and C. L. Smithhisler. 1989 Improved synthesis of the sex pheromone of the avocado leafroller, Amorbia cuneana (Walsingham). 14 2 153-157 PDF
Breene, R. G., W. L. Sterling, and D. A. Dean. 1989 Predators of the cotton fleahopper on cotton. 14 2 159-166 PDF
Frank, W. A., R. A. Scott, J. E. Slosser, and W. D. Worrall. 1989 Resistance in triticale to Russian wheat aphid and greenbug. 14 2 167-178 PDF
Rodriguez-del-Bosque, L. A., J. W. Smith, Jr., and R. S. Pfannenstiel. 1989 Parasitization of Diatraea grandiosella eggs by Trichogrammatids on corn in Jalisco, Mexico. 14 2 179-180 PDF
Chippendale, G. M. and K. L. Conner. 1989 Factors controlling populations and dispersal of the southwestern corn borer, Diatraea grandiosella Dyar, in the United States. 14 2 182-190 PDF
Anonymous. 1989 Minutes of the 13th annual meeting of the Southwestern Entomological Society. 14 2 191-195 PDF