Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 14 - Issue 1 Articles

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Chandler, L. D. and F. E. Gilstrap. 1989 Dispersion patterns of parasitized Liriomyza trifolii larvae in bell peppers. 14 1 1-8 PDF
Butler, G. D., Jr., D. L. Coudriet, and T. J. Henneberry. 1989 Sweetpotato whitefly: host plant preference and repellent effect of plant-derived oils on cotton, squash, lettuce and cantaloupe. 14 1 9-16 PDF
Hendricks, D. E., B. A. Leonhardt, and T. N. Shaver. 1989 Development of optimized blends of two sex pheromone components impregnated in PVC dispensers for tobacco budworm bait. 14 1 17-25 PDF
Way, M. O. and R. G. Wallace. 1989 First record of midge damage to rice in Texas. 14 1 27-33 PDF
Overholt, W. A. and J. W. Smith, Jr. 1989 Pediobius furvus parasitization of overwintering generation southwestern corn borer pupae. 14 1 35-40 PDF
Hunter, J. S., III, D. E. Bay, and G. T. Fincher. 1989 Laboratory and field observations on the life history and habits of Philonthus cruentatus and Philonthus flavolimbatus. 14 1 41-47 PDF
Scheffrahn , R. H. and M. K. Rust. 1989 Attraction by semiochemical mediators and major exocrine products of the myrmicine ant, Crematogaster californica Emery. 14 1 49-55 PDF
Moffett, J. O., R. L. Cox, M. Ellis, R. Rivera, W. T. Wilson, D. Cardoso-T., and J. Vargas-C. 1989 Menthol reduces winter populations of tracheal mites, Acarapis woodi, in honey bees from Mexico and Nebraska. 14 1 57-65 PDF
Schmidt, C. D. and R. L. Harris. 1989 Comparison of production of larvae of Chrysomya rufifacies (MacQuart) in meat and in a gelled medium. 14 1 67-70 PDF
Goodenough, J. L., J. D. Lopez, and D. E. Hendricks. 1989 Season-long comparison of two sex pheromone baits for Heliothis virescens surveys. 14 1 71-81 PDF
Gunasena, G. H., S. B. Vinson, and H. J. Williams. 1989 Determination of larval instars: occurrence of supernumerary instars in Heliothis virescens. 14 1 83-87 PDF