Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 12 - Issue 2 Articles

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Pruett, J. H., C. C. Barrett, and W. F. Fisher. 1987 Kinetic development of serum antibody to purified Hypoderma lineatum proteins in vaccinated and nonvaccinated cattle. 12 2 79-88 PDF
Pair, S. D, J. R. Raulston, D. R. Rummel, J. K. Westbrook, W. W. Wolf, A. N. Sparks, and M. F. Schuster. 1987 Development and production of corn earworm and fall armyworm in the Texas high plains: evidence for reverse fall migration. 12 2 89-99 PDF
Stone, J. D. and R. Bueno, Jr. 1987 Effect of larval density and soil type on the vertical distribution and survival of Phyllophaga crinita. 12 2 101-106 PDF
Jones, R. W., F. E. Gilstrap, and K. L. Andrews. 1987 Activities and plant associations of the earwig, Doru taeniatum, in a crop-weed habitat. 12 2 107-118 PDF
Howell, H. N., Jr., P. J. Hamman, and T. A. Granovsky. 1987 The geographical distribution of the termite genera Reticulitermes, Coptotermes, and Incisitermes in Texas. 12 2 119-125 PDF
Rummel, D. R., S. C. Carroll, and T. N. Shaver. 1987 Influence of boll weevil trap design on internal trap temperature and grandlure volatilization. 12 2 127-138 PDF
Flint, H. M., N. J. Curtice, and Q. H. Siddiqui. 1987 Early to mid-season distribution of male pink bollworms as determined with pheromone traps in host and non-host crops. 12 2 139-145 PDF
Graham, H. M. 1987 Attraction of Lygus spp. males by conspecific and congeneric females. 12 2 147-155 PDF
Goddard, J. 1987 A review of the disease agents harbored and transmitted by the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum (L.). 12 2 158-171 PDF
Anonymous. 1987 Minutes of the 11th annual meeting of the Southwestern Entomological Society. 12 2 173-176 PDF
Anonymous. 1987 Constitution of the Southwestern Entomological Society. 12 2 177-181 PDF