Southwestern Entomologist - Volume 10 - Issue 3 Articles

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Kunz, S. E. and J. A. Miller. 1985 Temperature threshold for the development of diapausing horn flies. 10 3 152-155 PDF
Bariola, L. A., T. J. Henneberry, C. F. Ehlig, and C. M. Brown. 1985 Populations and control of pink bollworm, Pectinophora gossypiella (Saunders), in short- and full-season cotton production systems in Imperial Valley, CA. 10 3 156-162 PDF
Schmidt, C. D. and S. E. Kunz. 1985 Reproduction of Chrysomya rufifacies (MacQuart) in the laboratory. 10 3 163-166 PDF
Lopez, J. D., Jr. and S. L. Jones. 1985 Species composition of egg parasites of Heliothis spp. in different areas of Texas. 10 3 167-170 PDF
Brooks, G. W. and F. E. Gilstrap. 1985 Parasitism of sorghum midge in Johnsongrass in major vegetational areas of Texas. 10 3 171-175 PDF
Halfhill, J. E. and L. M. McDonough. 1985 Heliothis zea (Boddie): formulations parameters for its sex pheromone in rubber septa. 10 3 176-180 PDF
Miller, J. A., W. F. Chamberlain, and D. D. Oehler. 1985 Methods for control of the angora goat biting louse. 10 3 181-184 PDF
Chamberlain, W. F. 1985 Factors modifying the effect of temperature on the survival of horn fly larvae in manure pats. 10 3 185-194 PDF
Blanchard, A., J. E. Gillaspy, D. F. Hardwick, J. W. Johnson, R. O. Kendall, E. C. Knudson, and J. C. Schaffer. 1985 Checklist of Lepidoptera of the Rob and Bessie Welder Wildlife Refuge near Sinton, Texas. 10 3 195-214 PDF
Robacker, D. C., S. J. Ingle, and W. G. Hart. 1985 Mating frequency and response to male-produced pheromone by virgin and mated females of the Mexican fruit fly. 10 3 215-221 PDF
Apgar, L. A., C. L. Meek, and J. P. Geaghan. 1985 Toxicity of riceland agrichemicals on Thermonectus basillaris (Harris), a predator of mosquito larvae. 10 3 222-227 PDF
Chandler, L. D. 1985 Response of Liriomyza trifolii (Burgess) to selected insecticides with notes on hymenopterous parasites. 10 3 228-235 PDF